Front-End Web Development

Old Portfolio

old portfolio website hompeage

This website landed me my first job!


Rainbow Home Page

Created an AdobeXD mockup for desktop and mobile resolutions. Then, I turned it into reality. The Rainbow logo was made using Adobe Illustrator. I utilized CSS Transitions and CSS Animations for a modern look. Buttons and contact page use a combination of vanilla JavaScript and JQuery to save information.


Tasmania Home Page

Used Adobe Photoshop to create a mockup of the website. The logo was made using Adobe Illustrator. Modern practices included are a large full-screen hero banner and one-page scrolling.

Tea ‘n Bubbles

Tea 'n Bubbles

No mockup for this website but, I did use Adobe Illustrator to create the logo. This was the first website I made with an HTML and CSS template.

Adobe Illustrator

Please see my Behance for more!

Doodle for Google

Job Ready Promotional Bulletin Board

Adobe Spark


Want to see a mini-design presentation?

It was for one of my design classes.


I love participating in hackathons and game jams. It’s amazing to see what can be built in a short amount of time.

My hackathon portfolio is found at

Back-End Web Development

Employee Records

Employee Table

I created a login page that took you to a table with records that are searchable, deletable, and new records can be added. All records can be used by using pagination. The form was made through PHP and the data is managed using MySQL.